Our flight operations are flown by single-pilot crews conducted under the requirements of Part 135. Specifically, this falls under FAR 135.243(c).

  • 1200 hours total flying time
  • 500 hrs cross-country (point to point)
  • 100 hours night time
  • 75 hours instrument time (50 of which are in actual flight)
Preferred Experience
  • 25+ hours of multi-engine time
  • Experience as a CFI and CFII
  • Experience in Cessna Caravan CE-208, Chieftain and Piper Navajo
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Training given in both PA34 and PA31 as a Part 135 IFR pilot
  • Competitive benefit and compensation package

Send your resume to employment@airpacairlines.com.

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